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Jeff Rabinowitz is a hospitality professional and has been working for Orlando’s finest hotels and theme parks since 1995. Jeff is also a children’s book author. He recently published a children’s book about the worlds changing economy, called Mr. Wilsons Crazy Dog Show. Available on

I strongly believe in repeal and replace. 

Let's repeal the tax cut and replace it with an enormous investment in education!

Our goal is to increase Florida’s federal public education investment, to create economic growth, build stronger communities and enable our young people to make informed decisions. 

Throughout my career in the hospitality business, I have seen a great number of young people not on a path to success. Why? Because they lack an understanding of basic financial management. As well as other important basic life skills. STRONG FAMILIES IMPART THIS KNOWLEDGE, but others don’t get that benefit. 

Schools need to take up the task. We can accomplish this goal by investing more money in our education system. As Florida’s District 11 Congressman, I will champion legislation that will close trillions of dollars in tax loopholes, and direct those incoming tax dollars to our states to invest in public education and higher education system. 

I will also see to it we use that money to significantly reduce student loan debts. College debt is a problem, as state cuts in funding for public education, which either raises costs or reduces quality. Without access to an excellent education we create, A PERMANENT UNDERCLASS.

A great example of how to use that money wisely dates back to the age-old argument that smaller classroom size produces better results. But the reality is, great teachers can teach larger classrooms with great success. We need to invest wisely in training teachers and having our best in class teachers sharing best practices.

United By A Common Goal



Our founding fathers envisioned citizen legislators.

The Constitution established two houses of Congress -- a somewhat more aristocratic Senate, and a House of Representatives that was supposed to be all about direct, grass-roots democracy.

As they saw it, the voters in every district would get together every other November, pick someone in their community they respected, and send him or her to Washington for a couple of years to vote for their neighbors’ best interests and those of the nation.

Help elect Jeff Rabinowitz to the U.S. House of Representatives.

As Florida’s JR Congressman.

I will write a public education bill that will ensure every child has the support and resources to reach their greatest potential and goals. 

I will present that bill to my coworkers on both sides of the aisle, as well as, America’s business leaders and citizens. 

I will provide evidence that the return on investment will be enormous.

Creating the greatest workforce in the world, ready to take on and win big, in the ever-changing and challenging global economy.

I want to build on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. 


The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act authorizes the federal Education for Homeless Children and Youth (EHCY) Program and is the primary piece of federal legislation related to the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness. I believe we should add to that bill, funding to build a dorm system on our public education campuses.

(a) Children sharing housing due to economic hardship or loss of housing;

(b) Children living in "motels, hotels, trailer parks, or campgrounds due to lack of alternative accommodations"

(c) Children living in "emergency or transitional shelters"

(d) Children whose primary nighttime residence is not ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation (e.g. park benches, etc.)

(e) Children living in "cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations"

These children need a place they can call home.

A place where they can do their homework, have a refrigerator with snacks and a cold glass of milk. A clean bed to sleep. A clean bathroom.

Things we take for granted.

This investment could help many children, overcome the adverse epigenetic effects of poverty!

Let's make America work together again. 

Just as our founding fathers envisioned!

Help elect Jeff Rabinowitz

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Join me in my effort to make America work together again!

Help me gather signatures in order to ensure my name is on the ballot. 

Help me spread the word. There is a different kind of candidate. A candidate that wants to place an all in bet on Americas young people. 

A candidate that believes. By investing in our public education, we will promote positive, economic and community growth.


Building the worlds greatest K-12 public education system that includes aspects like a robotics center helping students develop a passion for science, technology, engineering and math–similar to what is offered at Sidwell Friends private school, were Sasha and Malia Obama attend. After all, science and math are areas in which our children are drastically falling behind the rest of the world.

In addition, I envisioned school dining areas were the students could enjoy daily hot lunches, including the option of a “green cuisine” where the ingredients are seasonal, sustainable, and local. A vegetarian option would be offered daily. Take a moment and go to Sidwell Friends website.

Take the time to explore the whole web site. Afterward ask yourself, “Do our children deserve the same daily education experiences as those of wealthy and politically connected families?”


I believe the Affordable Care Act is an extremely well-crafted piece of legislation. It just needs to be fine-tuned.

1) Raise the subsidies

2) Raise the penalties

3) Fund the high-risk corridors

Lets not just jump to repeal and replace it with a single payer program. Let us acknowledge the magnificent difference the ACA has made. Insuring 23 million uninsured people. Eliminating the category of uninsurable. Expanding Medicaid to 10 million people in need.


Lets pass common sense gun control laws, that will make all our citizens safe.

Let me introduce The NRA School Shield program. 

The NRA is offering  comprehensive training including best practices in security infrastructure, technology, personnel training and policy. And offering free to all our schools across the nation. 

I encourage you to go online to and learn more about the program. I am sure after you read about it, you will pursue with vigor, having your school admin bring the program to your school.

I support and will work to see the Manchin-Toomey bill becomes law

Manchin a Democrat, teamed up with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey on the legislation, which came to be known as the Manchin-Toomey amendment (you can read the text of it here). It was a more limited proposal than a larger Senate bill on guns, which would have mandated criminal background checks on all sales between private parties with limited exceptions.

Current law requires checks on purchases only from federally licensed gun dealers. So the Manchin-Toomey amendment attempted to find a middle ground by expanding the checks to gun shows and Internet sales, but not requiring them of family members and friends giving or selling guns to each other.

"As under current law, transfers between family, friends and neighbors do not require background checks. You can give or sell a gun to your brother, your neighbor, your co-worker without a background check. You can post a gun for sale on the cork bulletin board at your church or your job without a background check," 

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